Ken Mijungu in the office

Ken Mijungu discloses new path after losing his job at NTV

The media industry has been in a precarious position over the past few years. Redundancies upon redundancies have been the order of the day for the struggling 5th estate.

The industry has seen high-profile and nigh-untouchable journalists jobless. People like Betty Kyallo, Jalang’o and Ken Mijungu have seen the door at their respective stations despite them being high draws to the public.

Betty Kyallo in green dress
Betty Kyallo in green dress

Betty and Jalang’o have swiftly moved on to other things with Miss Kyallo re-launching her salon, Flair by Betty while Jalang’o will be joining Kiss FM.

What about Ken Mijungu? The man is not moping about his lost job. The man has revealed that he has started a legal consultancy under his firm called “Ken Mijungu Legal consultancy”.

Ken Mijungu's new firm
Ken Mijungu’s new firm

The photo on his social media page explained that Ken Mijungu Consultancy firm would be offering legal services in the following fields; Legal, Immigration, Finance, Property, imports and Exports.

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He captioned the post; “Believers will always be believers Mathew 6: 26-34”. For those of you who aren’t aware, Mijungu is a Lawyer by profession,

The news was met with joy from his fans and followers who were inspired by his quick turn-around from losing his job to starting his own business.

Ken Mijungu in the office

The man had worked at NTV for seven years until July 3rd, 2020 when he was fired among other top talents, before that his journey in the media industry began on February 28, 2008 at Regional Reach, which later changed its name to Mediamax.

“I was there for 4 years before I went to CCTV Africa for about 15 months, then in February 2013, I came to NMG. Actually, this is the longest I have been at a place” said Mijungu in a past interview.

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