‘Keep in mind that one day she will go, you will exchange her for cows so cheza chini’ Men to fathers who spoil their daughters (Audio)

Fathers are making the modern woman ‘unmarriable’ by over showering them with love and men are not impressed at all.

According to Mwalimu Kingangi, women who have been over showered with love by their fathers are hard to relate with when it comes to marriage.


Maina Kageni is however not convinced about this hence he gave his fans a chance to contribute on the topic ‘how influential is your father in law in your marriage and here is what they had to say.

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Captain Kale says

“When will fathers know that they have no power over their daughters after they get married? I am the owner now let him deal with his wife am he can as well marry her.”

Another says

“For fathers out there just keep in mind that one day she will go, You will exchange her for cows so cheza chini, free advice.”

A male fan calls and narrates his own experience

“Two years ago I had a disagreement with my ex wife and when we called the parents so that we could talk her parents asked me to release her so that she could go home after all niwao walimzaa.

Its two years now and she has never come back she went to leave with them.”

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Another says

“I don’t see why men are complain g about dads over loving their daughters otherwise they should stop their mothers making decision on them on who to marry.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another male caller drops this savage response.

“The moment you dwell so much on your parents your marriage will NEVER work, why didn’t your father marry you then. Once you get your place you should know that ukiwa n boma unafaa kukalisha mwili kwa boma yako and make the best out of your husband and not your father.”

Listen to the heated discussion in the audio below

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