‘Thank you for always protecting me’Haunting words of 2018 KCSE student who passed away as she prepared to go sit for her exam

A KCSE student has died as she was preparing to go sit for her exam,her death comes a few days after the exam started country wide.

She died at home ,she had been sick but had managed to sit for his previous exams before this tragedy struck.

KCSE student stabs his mum for giving him Ksh 50 as pocket money

Speaking about the death his dad says

“My daughter asked me to make her some porridge as she prepared for school around 5 am.When I went to do so she called me back and asked me to carry her for a while he then told me ‘Dad there is nothing more I can say to you all I want to say is thank you for always protecting me.After that she breathed her last.”

Elsewhere 3 KCSE candidates in Taita Taveta did not sit for their Chemistry exam after registering for a subject they did not study fr by mistake.

Director of Education in Taveta Abdulatif Hassan however said that the trio will still go on with the other exams as planned.
He further added that there have been no students who have sat for their exam while in hospital after child bearing .
Hassan however confirmed that there have been three cases of pregnancies in Eldoro,Lumi and Bishop Njenga schools.
He added that his team will be involved in educating the community  on the limitations of early pregnancies.

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