Katy Perry’s Next Album To Discuss Her Divorce

It has always been said that a woman scorned can do anything in fact hell has nothing on her.

This happens to be the case with Musician Katy Perry who has already done a song “ghost” about her relationship with her ex husband Russell Brand.

As if that is not enough, in her yet to be released album due for 2016, she has hinted that she will do other songs about her relationship.

This is after it was revealed that she has never spoken to her husband since he texted her to say that he wants a divorce.

It has also been said that Katy doesn’t wish to speak with him and that whatever she would want to say to him will be said in her songs.

Since breaking up with Russell, the star has had an on-off relationship with singer John Mayer, so she’s definitely had a lot of heartbreak material to pour into her music.

The couple divorced in December 2012 after 14 months of marriage.



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