Allan Kiuna with Kathy Kiuna

What! Kathy and Bishop Allan dance lovingly to secular song in church (video)

Kathy Kiuna and her husband Allan are seen as spiritual leaders for many Christians in the country. The couple have stood strong together despite many obstacles in their path.

How have they done it? They have stuck together despite the tough times and Christ has been their rock. They also know how to have a great time and let their hair down, even to the detriment of their nearly pristine positions as the heads of one of the biggest churches in Kenya.

Allan Kiuna with Kathy Kiuna
Allan Kiuna with Kathy Kiuna

The couple recently led their congregation by example by dancing and swayed away to the sweet melodies of a love song. In a video posted on Reverend Kathy’s Instagram account, the two are seen dancing romantically to Kidum and Lady Jay Dee’s song, “Nitafanya”.

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Her caption read, “Sema enjoying each other. We danced and learnt life lessons that left us all edified and lifted. The testimonies of healed marriages are amazing. Many told me they forgave each other and started over. Glory to God.”

The video impressed many of her followers who duly congratulated the two for leading by example and showing the world age should not come between people’s romance.

There are some who were surprised that a couple that teaches the word of God would dance to a secular song and in the church precincts!

Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna hugging
Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna hugging

What do you think? Are they allowed to share the love they have for each with a secular song?

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