Kathy Kiuna birthday

Images of JCC congregation ‘worshiping’ Kathy Kiuna on her birthday

Kathy Kiuna celebrated her birthday yesterday. The Reverend at Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) and wife of Bishop Allan Kiuna was met with a glorious surprise on the steps of her church.

Her congregant’s men and women alike were holding placards celebrating the woman of God. Some of them had phrases like; ‘God found the strongest woman and gave her to us for a mum. Happy birthday’.

Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday

Another read;

‘In another life, we would still choose you as our mum’ with another reading, ‘Heaven sent us the best. Happy birthday, mom’.

Some of the images are below;

Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday
Kathy Kiuna birthday
Kiuna’s birthday

Kathy shared more videos of how her church’s daughter’s (as she affectionately calls them) celebrated her. Her Instagram caption read;

OMG. I am still in awe of today’s DOZ birthday surprise. My dotas made me cry all through. They blessed me beyond measure. I am grateful. Every DOZ May God who sees bless you yafu yafu. I appreciate y’all from the depth of my heart. Love you. And to imagine @bishopkiunawas behind it all

She added;

And the birthday song was sang in many languages. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻. I’m sleeping with a wide smile

Her followers were quick to wish her well and did so in the comment section. No one knows Kathy’s real age but some speculate that she might be in her late 40’s.

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Kathy is happily married to Bishop Allan Kiuna and they have 3 children. Vanessa Kovac first born, Stephanie and their only son Jeremy. She and Allan have been married for 22 years since December 10, 1994.

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