Kate Actress with her mom

So stunning! Fans tell Kate Actress about mother’s youthful looks

Catherine Kamau or Kate Actress as she is famously known has been blessed by God. Not only does the mother of two have a wonderful husband, but she also has a fulfilling career.

And that’s not all, Kate hit the genetic lottery! Why? There is the age-old saying that if one wants to know how a woman will age, they should look at her mother.

Kate Actress black and white photo
Kate Actress black and white photo

Well, Kate’s mother has aged so well she could pass off as her older sister. Yesterday, the thespian decided to celebrate her mother’s birthday and from the photo she posted, many of her fans and followers were not only shocked but also impressed.

I am not giving birth again, Kate Actress tells husband

Her caption read,

Happy birthday to my mummy dearest, I owe everything that I am today to you😩, Thank you for the lessons , the values and for the unconditional love ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏿

Kate Actress' mother in red
Kate Actress’ mother in red

The comment section was full of mesmerised Kenyans who were amazed at how good her mother looked. Some of those comments are below:

kambuamuziki Oh she’s so beautiful 💕

talliaoyando Mama where? ❤️ Happy Birthday to her

nickmutuma A mum to a Queen is a Goddess, more life, more blessings

willisraburu Awww happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁 yol look alike

anitanderu Awwwwww happy birthday Mum❤️

phoinahaircollection Happy birthday mummy ❤️❤️❤️

ulizalinks Sending her all the Love ❤️❤️❤️

dr.joangathoni Happiest Birthday to Mama Kate. I have met your mum before like 6 years ago. Details sio za social media. Such a warm soul.

Kate and her mother have an interesting relationship that has evolved over the years. One of the most important traits that she got from her mother was the independent streak that she has, this according to past interviews with Kate.

Kate Actress looking great in dress
Kate Actress looking great in dress

But as we can see, she has even inherited the beautiful youthful genetics.

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