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Kate Actress does the Lord’s work coming to the rescue of domestic violence victim

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress did a wonderful thing this week. The mother of two became the good Samaritan a victim of domestic violence needed.

It all started after a video emerged on social media, with the victim narrating the ordeal she has been going through at the hands of her husband.

In a video shared on her page, the victim narrates that; “Her spouse took her to a forest, physically abused her, had his way with her, tried to insert a bottle into her private parts, as he explained exactly how he would kill her and leave her there to die”.

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After that, Kate decided to act quickly and reached out to the victim (who is still in hiding), with a number of well-wishers coming on board to help her.

The former Mother In-law actress explained that another good Samaritan has given Pauline a 3-bedroom house, but that the victim will need help to furnish it.

After he success reaching the victim, Kate updated her fans and followers telling them;

“UPDATE!! Finally got hold of @wambui_wa_mwangij , The interviewer , she says that the victim is still in hiding, her abuser is in custody. So what do we do next?

1. Get Pauline counseling and a medical check up

2. A good Samaritan has given her a 3 bedroom house 😭, she will need help furnishing it with a few basic things

3. Ensure that the case doesn’t grow cold and the abuser is prosecuted.

4. Help her set up a business to fend for her children .she says a small soko is okay .

@wambui_wa_mwangij And I Are planning to go see her next week . (She comes from my home village ) 🤦🏾‍♀️in Nyahururu.

We shall get a paybill number and hopefully you guys can chip in and help her.


Thank God for people like Kate.

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