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Kate Actress rejects attempts to cancel Mr Seed after serious allegations made against him

This story makes me feel bad for Katherine Kamau aka Kate Actress. The mother of two is in the middle of a storm not of her own making after she featured in Mr Seed’s new song as a video vixen.

So what’s the issue exactly? Kate who has been excitedly sharing details about the song which drops today, was accosted by some of her netizens emanating from accusations made against the married gospel musician.

The unsubstantiated rumour doing the rounds online is that the singer had allegedly impregnated and then abandoned a certain woman.

Many of her followers questioned the timing of the video. Some of those comments are below;

“Perfect timing.”
“Poor timing.”
“Take care of the baby.”
“The timing is something.”
“The timing for this is just bad.”

But Kate has had to enough of the comments and decided to issue a response to her fans, saying that she would never capitalise on another person’s misfortune.

Kate Actresses’ answer about husbands reaction to onscreen romance

She further added that she does not need clout to excel, explaining that she has been vocal on women’s matters, saying that she was unaware of the claims before posting the video and hoped the issue is resolved.

“I would never ride on anyone’s misery, and I honestly need no clout to excel in my work. I have always been extremely vocal on issues affecting women, amongst them ending teenage pregnancies, sexual gender-based violence issues and sexual reproductive health rights. I was offline in the morning, logged in a few hours ago and posted the video on the time agreed like the professional I am. I obviously was not aware of the issue at hand. I really hope the issue is resolved by both parties,” she wrote.

Such a mature response from Kate I must say. Mr Seed himself hasn’t commented on the matter but continued promoting the song on social media.

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