Karibu Kanairo! Single woman tells of encounter with married man

Guys, explain this phrase about cheating ‘I can’t help it’.

This was the topic of the Thursday morning conversation October 21, where Maina Kageni told off men for serial cheating.

He blasted men for being irresponsible “guys do you ever think of the consequences, how do you meet someone, go toa place with her and you don’t know her name?”

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A woman told Maina of her experience with a cheating man

“Kuna jamaa alinikwamilia jana, hadi akanipea wallet I pay the bill and he is married. He had a ring then he took out his wallet and told me bebi please pay the bill. Maina I was like he he nimeangukia. I was in the club and he came to my table and ordered drinks. Who am I to refuse? He didn’t even ask for my name and he told me to go with him Since last night he has been calling me, coz I took all the money from his wallet and returned an empty one to him. I gave him my number hiyo ni jackpot, nilibeba pesa yote. I took all the money and he told me he doesn’t care for the money, he just wants me. Till now he is calling me. Those are your Kenyan men, he could not help himself”

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