Karen Nyamu’s underwater baby bump Photoshoot (photos)

Aspiring Nairobi senator, Karen Nyamu who is due in a few weeks has thrilled her fans with an underwater photo shoot for her third baby.

Nyamu took sometime off from her busy campaign trails to take some epic baby bump photos.

She said her greatest fear was that the baby would have arrived before she had baby the bump photos.   

“Today I took time to relax and do my under water baby bump shoot. I’m so happy I finally got to do it inspite of my crazy schedule! My fear was ka baby kakuje kabla nikashoot. Sasa ningekaambia nini kakiona shoots za sister yake na bro wake.

She was also treated to a surprise baby shower by her close friends at The Node hotel, Westlands with a few people in attendance. The theme of the event was yellow, white and Gold.

Reacting to the kind gesture, an emotional Nyamu wrote; 

Yesterday my day 1s did the thing I was dozing off at antenatal clinic and I couldn’t wait to get home n sleep. So when @bakhita_bakhx tried to sneak in her “Tuesday plan” I was having none of that!! Hahaha haikua rahisi but nilifika to my beautiful surprise baby shower.

She added, It was nice n intimate n made me reflect, these girls have been involved in all my 3 baby showers. Going all out n gifting me. Of course nililia hahaha hio ni standard. Thank you babe gals..


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