Karen Nyamu with Samidoh

The reason cheating husband Samidoh isn’t getting as much hate as Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has been the punching bag this past week ever since she leaked her controversial video cheating with singer Samidoh.

The clip got Kenyans (who already have enough frustrations with Uhuru’s government) talking and they were big mad! What was odd about the backlash was that Samidoh seemed to get none of the heat from Kenyans.

And I wondered? Doesn’t it take two to tango? Didn’t Samidoh leave his marital bed, cheat on his wife and get a child with his mistress?

So why were Kenyans so harsh on Karen, while her partner in crime looked to be having a hall pass for his bad behaviour?

I think I might have the answer and there are a few possibilities.

One, While Kenyans were willing Karen and Samidoh might have apologized for their initial indiscretion, many are not willing to tolerate the continued rubbing of their faces with the fact.

We blame Karen Nyamu more! Kenyans say in vote over video scandal with Samidoh

Don’t you know that Kenyans are hypocrites? We love cheating but hate when our stars cheat. So Karen keeping the topic of her sleeping with a married man in our collective psyches is something that most Kenyans aren’t willing to accept.

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Two, that Nyamu’s behaviour is one where she is trying to cause more shame for Samidoh’s wife and their two kids. Most people will not take kindly to a woman who wants to break up a family, even if that family has a philandering man as the head.

In her trying to get Samidoh to recognize her and make her his second wife, she has alienated herself and made herself look like a villain.

And there is nothing as disgusting as a desperate woman who will not only destroy her own reputation but also go down with her baby daddy and his family in tow.

But what do I know…

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