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“He doesn’t have the balls!” Karen Nyamu bitterly says about baby daddy Samidoh

Whoever advises Karen Nyamu has been failing her recently. The lawyer cum politician has been in the news recently after she leaked a video of herself with baby daddy Samidoh.

The video earned her a lot of criticism and some would even say hate with many arguing that she was trying to destabilize the Kikuyu singer’s home.

Samidoh himself has kept well out of the ensuing controversy, managing to look like a saint in a situation that should have no angels in it, apart from their son, Sam Junior.

But because of Nyamu’s antics, her actions have lost her what little support she already had as the “Other Woman” and made Kenyans attack her mote vociferously.

Karen Nyamu hints at reason she released shocking video with Samidoh

In one recent back and forth Nyamu let slip some of the frustration that she is having with the Mugithi singer after she had been labeled a husband-snatcher by an Instagram user.

But who is Karen? She took no accountability for her part in the whole fiasco and in fact shamed and blamed the man who had cheated with her.

She wrote back caustically calling out Samidoh for not having the requisite balls to stand for the truth. “We must learn to share. The only problem is when the shared man hana mak*nd* za kusimama na ukweli,” she retorted.

Karen Nyamu diss on Samidoh
Karen Nyamu diss on Samidoh

Methinks that someone should save Karen from herself and disable her Instagram account until she goes to therapy or chills down! Cause when all is said and done, she will still have to deal with a man she is now outrightly disrespecting in public-the father of her second child.

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