Karen Nyamu with William Ruto and Samidoh

Karen Nyamu reveals she was preggers when she took famous photo with Ruto and Samidoh

Long live Karen Nyamu! I say that tongue in cheek cause this lady keeps on surprising me with her level of chutzpah knowing no bounds.

Most women who have been mistresses would hide and wallow in their shame but not Nyamu. In fact, she seems to glory in it.

The mother of two recently revealed that she had had a baby with popular Mugithi singer, Samidoh. Nyamu didn’t care that the man was married and posted a video of Samidoh playing with their son.

The backlash came hard and fast with both apologizing for their behaviour. While the Kikuyu singer has tried to reestablish the image of a loving and loyal hubbie to his wife, Edday, Nyamu herself has reveled in throwing subliminal hints(and disses) at her enemies using her popular social media page.

In them, the lawyer-turned politician seems to be rubbing in the fact that she was Samidoh’s mistress and there was nothing they could do about it.

Yesterday’s post by the mother of two encapsulated this with Nyamu sharing a TBT she took with both Samidoh and Ruto when she was heavily pregnant.

She reminded her fans the photo was taken during their visit to the hustler’s mansion in Karen, where they had gone to visit the country’s number two. Her caption read;

”Throwback Thursday with baba SM jr and hustler 1 DP William S Ruto. The hustler narrative proposes a bottom-up approach that starts from the realities on the ground to design solutions adapted to needs, from the most local to the most global. And not the other way around. PS – I was very preggers here. Nakaa kangurue ka cute,” Karen captioned.

Her post attracted the attention of her online fans and critics alike who thronged the comments section with some insisting that the relationship with the singer was not over despite their claims to the contrary.

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