Karen Nyamu hints at reason she released shocking video with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu doesn’t seem to realize how to behave as the side chick/mistress of Samidoh. The woman not only decided to release a video showing the singer playing with their son on her Instagram page proving to the whole world the badly kept secret that Samidoh had cheated on his wife of many years, but there’s also more.

Yesterday a video of the two emerged that has shocked many considering the two had made their round of perfunctory apologies after the scandal broke last month.

According to many, the embarrassing video was released by Karen and showed the couple spending quality time together.

According to those fluent in Kikuyu, Samidoh is heard asking the lawyer cum politician – whether she would give him some good time.

Karen Nyamu reveals she was preggers when she took famous photo with Ruto and Samidoh

The video has been met with near-universal derision from Kenyans who watched it. Using her I.G stories Karen decided to explain the reason she had shared a video of such an intimate occasion with her baby daddy.

She said, “If both spouses will listen to each other and treat each other with kindness and respect, then nearly every disagreement will get resolved long before it becomes a fight.”

Huh…? What does that even mean? One can only read between the lines. Is her way of fighting the father of her second child to release embarrassing footage of the two to get him back in line or was this an overreaction?

Karen Nyamu screenshot
Karen Nyamu screenshot

Don’t forget that the Kikuyu singer had released a new song barely a week ago where he asks God to forgive him; for hurting his family and fans with his reckless actions.

Karen Nyamu with William Ruto and Samidoh
Karen Nyamu with William Ruto and Samidoh

In the song dubbed “Ihinda Ringi” (Another chance), Samidoh pleads with God to protect him from his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

But it seems that Karen might the mistake that keeps on giving.

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