Karen Nyamu

Kujeni muone Karen Nyamu inspecting her dowry (photo)

Karen Nyamu has become the big bad wolf for many after she revealed that she and married man, Samidoh had had a baby together.

Since then the vitriol (and her Instagram following coincidentally) have increased with many accusing her of being a homewrecker and husband snatcher.

Nyamu has taken all the criticism on the chin, apologized and has been trying to move on so much so that she can even joke about a very calamitous period in her life.

But she has had enough of the trolls who keep asking if she has a lover and came out with a rebuttal for them yesterday in a hilarious post.

”Inspecting my dowry. The ill-hearted committee will say I do not have a husband. Where did you hear it from?”

The post made many of those who commented go apoplectic. Some of the responses are below:

Get yours first and stop holding onto Edday’s husband.’

The resilience is inspiring.

But it is true, you do not have a husband.

We must have a thing soon.

When you are tired of Samidoh come to me. I love you so so so much.

Where did you hear that men these days marry miss independent women like you?

Yes. Show them Karen. Those telling you you have stolen someone’s hubby let them know you did not kidnap anyone.

Money is good, you get someone’s husband and on top of that help the goat wife secure a KSh 9M tender. Weeeh!

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