Kanze Dena steps out looking sharp for her first day at work as deputy spokes person

Weeks after landing a state job former Citizen TV presenter Kanze Dena has finally started her official duties with a press statement at state house.

Kanze landed the job after President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed her as Deputy Government Spokesperson working together with Manoa Esipisu who is the government spokes person.


Details of the farewell party for Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena

In her first assignment Kanze captivated many with her usual fluent Swahili but what we could not help but notice is her changed wardrobe.

Away from her usual dresses and skirts she was rocking a smart blue suit.Check out how she rocked it in her first day at work and borrow a few tips for your next job.

Baraka tupu: News anchor Kanze Dena lands lucrative deal with the government

Kanze got emotional during her send off party at her former place of work  when she had to bid her friends good bye .

During the farewell she encouraged her fans with an encouraging post below and the battle is just beginning for her

“The Journey of life…its one that no one knows the destination… No idea where the meanders are… The bumps.. Potholes.. Smooth roads.. Valleys and the rivers… The one thing I know is that you and I just can’t give up now.. We have come tooo far from where we individually started from… No one said the road will be easy…. What I don’t believe my dears is that God has brought you and I this far to leave us. ..#MaryMary..

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