Kanumba’s ex Lulu Michael responds to allegations that she killed the actor

Late Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba’s ex-lover Elizabeth Michael alias Lulu has for the first time addressed accusations levelled against her by the actor’s mother.

Lulu Michael says she’ll not fight his mum over claims she killed him

The celebrated actress who has been accused by late Kanumba’s mum of being the person behind her son’s death responded to Mama Kanumba’s accusation in an interview with journalist on Friday.

She said she has nothing to tell Mama Kanumba and will keep silent forever.

Lulu further added that it is unfortunate the accusations have to live with her but she is willing to carry the cross to the end.

”I think, it is my cross and I have to get to Calvary with it. In short, there is no way out. To be honest, I do not have anything to tell Mama Kanumba. I will just keep on keeping quiet, in short, I will take all the blame and accusations wholeheartedly. I will be silent because as they say, parents are always right.”

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elizabeth lulu micheal
Her response comes a month after late Kanumba’s mum publicly stated that Lulu killed her son.

Kanumba died in 2012 after being pushed and hitting his head against a surface.

Lulu was arrested for the same and served her time in jail before she was released.

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