Kansiime regrets mum died before she met her son

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says her mother died before she could meet the couple’s newborn son.

Mama Kansiime got sick during the Covid- 19 lockdown and passed away in June 2021, months later her da passed away.

Speaking via her Youtube channel on the segment ‘Glass of happiness the mother of one shared 

“She was so sick that you could see it in her eyes that she wanted to be dead. She was tired of being loved and taken care of.”


“Unfortunately, when I gave birth, she had not even seen Sellasie (Kansiime’s son) by the time she died. They just video chatted and so on.”

Although she did not have a perfect relationship with her parents, Kansiime encouraged her fans to treasure their parents while they are still alive.

“It’s okay not to like them but you are better than me, who is now an orphan.

 Parents always know better than us, whether we see it or not.”

Kansiime praised her mum for being supportive when her first marriage failed.

“Now I’m always worried about who is going to stand in that gap then I’m reminded that we orphans we are God’s firstborn.”

Kansiime said the loss of her parents made her appreciate life even more.

The comedienne says she is still trying to process the fact that she is now an orphan.

“My dad died so soon after my mum that I hadn’t yet processed her death. I forget that my parents died and sometimes think my mum is at home and dad just went on a long holiday. I wish I had another chance to see my parents.”

Kansiime said although her relationship with her parents wasn’t so good, she misses a moment of their time.

“There are some of my friends who don’t get it. My fans who know me knew that my mum and I didn’t see eye to eye,” she said.

“My relationship with my mum was just like any other girl and her mum kinda. Chances are that you don’t like the way they are strict until you go through things and you know she is a hero.”

Kansiime recounted moments when she was a young girl being raised by a strict mum.

“I remember there was a time she gave my school choir teacher permission to beat me every day nearly for the whole time,” she said.

Anne Kansime with her late parents

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