Calvo Mistari and Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro denies rumours on dating musician Calvo Mistari

Controversial former TV personality Kamene Goro has come out to deny rumours that she is dating local musician Calvo Mistari after appearing in his music video.

Speaking to Heads Up, Goro said “I am not dating Calvo Mistari. He is just a good friend whom I have known for almost a year now. Yes, I appeared in one of his videos ‘Love Me’, but that was just business. People should stop reading too much,” she said.

Calvo Mistari

With that clarification left the question of is she dating and if yes who is the lucky guy? She said

 “I have been in a relationship for a couple of months now, it is something new. I met Kamau at one of my events Sun Daze held at Kengeles in Lavington,” she said.

Last year, the curvy TV anchor made headlines after she separated from her Tanzania-based South African fiancé.

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Kamene Goro and her South African ex boyfriend
Kamene Goro and her South African ex boyfriend

According to the Heads Up, Kamene opened up on being unlucky in love “I haven’t been particularly feeling lucky with love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I honestly can’t tell you what happened. I don’t know because we were in a very good place.

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We lived in Arusha and I was coming down to Nairobi to get a visa and he had flown down to South Africa- that was on a Monday.

Then on Wednesday we talked and at the end of the conversation, he just told me we can’t be together anymore,” she said. Does she feel lucky in love now?

“It’s too early to tell,” she said.


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