‘That is when he took the kisu,’ sobs Kameme FM’s Wambui Wa Mugo speaking about her abusive marriage

Catherine Wambui Mugo, news presenter at Kameme FM, a Kikuyu station in the Media Max Group has sensationally accused her husband of abuse and threatening to kill her.

Ephraim Antony Mugo, presenter of a popular afternoon show at Inooro FM of Royal Media.

They had a church wedding in 2012 and have two children.

Of course, they wanted to live happily ever after.

Eyebrows were raised on Valentine’s Day when Wambui posted on her Facebook account that she was no longer with her husband.

She said he twice attempted to kill her with a traditional Kikuyu knife/sword?also her husband had twice attempted to kill her with a knife.

We took screen-shots of the posts and tried to follow up.


Speaking on the phone on Thursday, Wambui told us why she had written such a post on Valentine’s Day and narrated her marriage to an “abusive husband”

We reached out to her husband, Ephraim Antony Mugo, who said all the allegations were false and he had not seen the post. He promised to call back on Friday but did not do so. Efforts to reach him later were futile since he did not respond to our calls. We called four times.

This is what Catherine told us:

It’s not easy to talk about an abusive marriage. That’s why I decided to just write it on my Facebook because he has threatened to kill me several times. It all began after he bought a traditional Kikuyu sword.

Since then, after we disagree in anything he has always been telling me, “Remember, there is a sword somewhere and I can use it on you.” So come October last year I snooped on his phone and saw some messages he has been exchanging with some ladies. And of I asked him about those messages.

That is when he took the kisu (sword) for the first time as I was bout to run away. He hit and pushed me towards a cupboard, strangled my neck, picked the knife and asked me if I knew he can kill me. I screamed out until the children came for my rescue.

This went on for sometime, with him sending me threatening messages when I am at work, telling not to go back to his house. In the evening when I go home and he meets me there, he would ask me, “Wewe si nilikwambia uende? “

I have persevered for quite a while now, thinking that he will change just like any mother would do. [He was] beating me up in front of our kids and even our house girl.

The next time he took the knife was after I told him to marry that lady I had seen him chatting with for a long time. I told him I do not have a problem with us being co-wives. In fact, I told my family and his cousin that I have given him permission to get a second wife.

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 “The first time he had not removed it [the knife] from the pocket but this second time, he removed it and touched me with it on the hand, but because it is sharp, it injured my hand. He then told me in mother tongue, ‘I will not kill you today because I do not want your mum to cry today. “Nimebakisha ingine moja.”

He thoroughly bit me with a wire which triggered me to hit him with what was around me. I hit him with a body spray bottle. After hitting him, he told me that he has now realised that I can also kill him. This is when I realised things were not working out well, and that anything may come up anytime.

The next day, started looking for my own house. After work, I would walk around and hustle for a house till I got one and moved out.

I have been telling my mum about the abuse so she knows, but the only easy person to access from his family is his cousin who is like a brother to him. His mother stayed in Nairobi for three months without even telling that she was around. I have not told his mother but after I walked out she has been insisting I go back.

The first time he laid a hand on me was in 2014 and I even reported to the police and it was a big case, which the family told me to withdraw.

I have not returned to that house again but I have heard rumours and I have even seen him with a new chick walking home together. The messages I had seen in his phone were from that lady.

I am on leave, but after the leave I will decide if I will change my names and drop his.”

Catherine has advice for women in an abusive marriage.

If he lays hand on you once, please run because if you wait, the worst will follow. If I had walked away earlier, I would not have reached this crisis.


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 We reached him further and we managed to talk to him, this is what he said,

“It is unbelievable and shocking that my own wife can cook lies of this magnitude against me, I’m still in shock

Adding, Whatever the post she had put, if you look at the loophole of it, where she purport  that i wanted to kill her, because in such a case can she produce the evidence and even the scar, she say she managed to escape with a scar, can she tell us who else can collaborate and say it happened, How was she able to move out with the house properties, where was she treated?  We have been having issues,” he said.

She is trying to pull pictures around that I was trying to kill her but it is not the truth. She has a bigger reason why she is doing this because she is giving different information to the family she is not talking about those knives. Quite unfortunate that this thing is getting out of hand.”



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