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Kambua unveils late son’s memorial ring and it’s meaning 


A few weeks ago, Kambua told fans she is creating a ring that will be a memory of her late son Malachi, who died early this year after birth.

She has now unveiled the ring created with unconditional love.

Kambua penned after sharing a picture of the ring

“I am in love. Simply and truly. @thevavanistore you captured my heart and the memory of a little boy that I will forever carry in my heart.

I chose a morganite as the center stone because it is a rare gemstone, that signifies healing.
We surrounded the morganite with diamonds (conflict free & ethical), because diamonds are forever ✨ Signifying my everlasting love.
The stones elegantly sit on a rose gold band. 🤍

I’m a little emotional as I write this out. I will cherish this forever. Malachi was here and he remains so deeply loved. Thank you Jesus for giving me the great honor of being an angel mom.”

According to the internet, Morganite is a variety of beryl, a clear mineral that forms in hexagonal crystals. Its other varieties include emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (light blue beryl).

Morganite can range from pale pink to coral. It was discovered in Madagascar in 1910 by George F. Kunz, the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. and the personal gemologist of banker J.P. Morgan. Morgan was an avid gem collector; Kunz named the new pink stone in his honor.

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