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Kambua shares moment she realized her fertility struggles would end


Gospel singer Kambua is expecting her second baby any day now, and to serve as an encouragement for other women struggling to conceive, she shared a picture of when she looked pregnant but wasn’t, a moment she finally understood that she would eventually get pregnant.

She wrote that she intentionally refused to share the photo on her social media because of #wombwatchers those who constantly criticized her for not having a child.

“But I remember when @greg_complementpictures sent it to me, I thought, “Good Lord! I look pregnant..”! Something about seeing this, as simple as it may seem, stirred up my faith. I knew exactly how I’d look when my time came to carry a child. I saved it in my prayer journal, to remind myself in moments of doubt”




While giving thanks to God for blessing her abundantly now, she added that

I’m writing this to trigger your faith in turn. Perhaps you’ve waited so long, that you can no longer envision yourself as a mother, or a wife…or having that door of opportunity open up for you. My reminder for you today is that: 1) God is who he says he is 2) None of the promises he’s made over your life will fail; they will ALL come to pass

Dear Classic 105 fam, do not give up as Kambua encourages.

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