Depression is REAL! Kambua opens up on personal journey fighting depression

A few days after  international chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide  local celebrity Kambua has opened up on having been depressed on a few occasions.

People with depression are looked down upon by the society and close  family members with some being termed as ‘crazy ‘ and a nuisance which is not always the case,most cases of people with severe depression always ends up with the victim trying to take their life.


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Opening up about depression Kambua wrote

#Depression is REAL. As real as the air you breathe. I don’t know how many more people we need to lose to suicide in order for us to acknowledge that mental illness is a serious condition that needs treatment like the flu, or cancer… So many of us are fronting while dying a little every day. Too afraid to ask for help because people will talk, judge, or dismiss you. “It’s all in your head”, they say. Well YES it is in the head & heart. A brokeness in the mind, that can be fixed if we allow people to seek help. Someone earlier argued that therapy is expensive- I hear you. But getting help is not limited to sitting with a therapist. It could be a friend, a family member, a colleague… but the moment we make it seem as though there are no options is the very moment we take a plunge. Look, I’ve sometimes called a friend, or my mom and simply said, “I’m losing the plot”. And they’ve come to my aid. We all need help from time to time. Life can get so hard, but you don’t have to go at it alone. I know of FREE helplines if you want to talk to somebody. Also, if you’re reading this and you’re on the verge of giving up, please don’t give up. Please don’t give up. Please. Don’t give up. 🖤🌸 #2018 #ReflectionswithKambua #mentalillness #Depression. If you’ve ever lost someone to suicide, place a heart here. Here’s mine: 💙


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Kambua advised people who feel depressed not to fear asking for help as she had done so herself without fear of victimization,Depression affects anyone  and every one regardless of social status nor class


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