Kama ni views atawin! Reaction after Bahati announced joining politics

Controversial gospel singer Bahati on Friday declared his bid to contest for the Mathare MP seat. 

He submitted his nomination papers to Jubilee Headqurters on Friday saying he wants to give back to people who raised him.

“Mimi Mtoto Wa Mathare… I am a proud member of the Jubilee Party and the Azimio Movement. I am accepting the calling to vie for this seat,” he said.


““I was born and raised in Mathare and for the last three decades our biggest challenge is that we have never had a leader who was born and raised in Mathare. We have been electing leaders but it’s time for Mathare to get a son who was born and raised here and understands the people,” he said.

Kieni MP Kanini Kega received Bahati on behalf of other Jubilee officials, handing him a red cap as a sign of acceptance.

“You will tell us which seat you want. The only seat that has been taken is the presidency, you are free to contest for the rest,” Kanini told Bahati. 

Check out comments from fans;

eddiebutita: All the Best🙌 Tukivote na Views anachukua asubui na mapema.

notiflow: Shouldn’t he have started with MCA then go up the ladder ¿

brasho._: Mafans wa Mziki na politics are 2different things,,Kwa ground vitu ni different,dayo asikuchoche😂😂utaanguka vibaya sana.

finess_._: Mathare ya hospital ama Kuna ingine.

_mayy_v: Asidhani YouTube subscribers na vitu za clout ni votes 😂😂😂vitu Kwa debe ni different

chris_m_ke: Atleast ataacha mziki we are tired of his shitty songs.

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