Kalenjin singer Olesos Melodies narrates being stabbed by dancer

Kalenjin singer Olesos Melodies argued with her dancer before she was stabbed last Monday.

The singer, who has spoken out after the attack, said she had been hosting the dancer for five months.

“I had mentioned to her that I wanted to take a loan which I wanted her to be my guarantor, but that did not happen due to an avoidable circumstance,” Melodies told Word Is last Thursday.

This seemed to displease the dancer, who announced she was leaving Melodies’s house.

She packed her clothes but sometime during the night she walked out of the house to receive a call.

“I later called her to check where she was because she had left the door open. She said she was coming and therefore I felt it was wise to lock the door, but decided not to sleep so that when she comes, I could open the door for her,” Melodies said.

When the dancer came back, Melodies asked her why she went outside at night.

“We quarrelled for a while and that is when she took out a pocket knife and I realised she was serious. I went to my bedroom, where she followed me,” she said.

Melodies was stabbed in the torso.

“She threw her bag outside and someone picked it although I did not identify who it was,” she said.

The dancer’s phone is switched off.

The attack was reported to the police, who said they are waiting for the singer to get better to help with investigations.

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