5 Times Magufuli Has Hit The Headlines For SHOCKING Reasons

Who rans Tz?….Pombe.

Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli has been driving most Tanzanian celebrities crazy. He has been identified as a no-nonsense human being with his government illegalizing things left, right and centre.

 Apart from the fact that he came to power with alot of strictness, many have seen the wrath of Pombe. Here are the most unbelievable things the Tanzanian president has shocked many with;

He Warned Socialites

You must be wondering why a whole President would concern himself with socialites, right? Well, Magufuli’s government put a warning to socialites who sell their bodies on social media. I mean those that post nudes on the gram. It seems the warning has since fell to deaf ears!

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He Banned Shisha

Reports had it that a  Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa banned the smoking of Shisha in Tanzania. Shisha is basically tobacco concoction smoked in a water pipe known as hookah. Magufuli’s government cited that the use of the drug was increasing vices and immorality in his country.



Jailed Top Tanzanian Stars

Hapendi ujinga! One of the ministers identified as Makonda has for the last few weeks put most Tanzanian celebrities behind bars, including Vanessa Mdee, Wema Sepetu, TID among many that are well recognized.

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Banned Mini-Skirts

With all the drama that came with this new President, of course people had to fake some things. Well, Magufuli was rumoured to have banned mini skirts in Tanzania. According to the ministry of affairs, he had only banned it in a certain region to curb HIV/AIDS. The people in that place must have been notorious for a prezzo to take such a step. Well, Zari Hassan and many must have rejoiced to continue rocking their dressing when this rumour was debunked.


Arresting A Rapper

Magufuli’s government recently arrested rapper Nay Wa Mitego also known as Nay Trueboy saying that he released a song that was insulting the president. After days behind bars, Pombe ordered his release and claimed that he loved the song. That’s quite confusing, right? The rapper who is set to release a video for the song might be reconsidering removing what he said about Magufuli in the song wapo.

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Allows The Arrest Of His Wife

Magufuli has been fighting drugs on his turf. Well, in one of his speeches, he shocked many when he said that he had Okayed the arrest of his wife. Need I say more?

“Hakuna cha mtu aliye maarufu, hakuna mwanasiasa, hakuna askari, hakuna waziri au mtoto wa fulani ambaye akijihusisha aachwe, ata angekua mke wangu Janet hapa ambaye angejihusisha wee shika tu peleka. Kwa sababu madhara ya dawa za kulevya kwa taifa letu yamefikia mahali pabaya. Haiwezekani kuwa watu wanauza kama njugu”


Arrests Acting Minister

Magufuli sacked Information Minister Nape Nnauye without notice. Immediately after a new minister was named, the sacked minister addressed the media from his car at a hotel he was barred from entering by the police. Nnauye confirmed that he was not consulted before his replacement.


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