Kabi WaJesus with Milly

…I make you mad just to have your attention – Kabi WaJesus tells wife Milly

Kabi WaJesus had probably the most embarrassing period in his life, earlier in the year when it was disclosed that he was the father of his cousin’s daughter after a DNA test was done.

Despite lying about the scandal initially, his wife Milly was a rock who stood by him during the crazy trolling that Kabi went through after the announcement.

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And Milly following her marriage vows to the latter isn’t something that her husband hasn’t noticed. The man has now decided to reward the mother of his one child, with a heartfelt post praising her.

He wrote,

”Every glance at you is enough reason for me to smile; that’s why sometimes I make you mad just to have your attention 🙈🙈🙈.

”Nakupenda sana @millywajesus 😍. Pia napenda kumatch nguo na wewe so that everywhere we go people can know we are together ❤ ”

Milly also wrote to Kabi saying;

”Thank you @kabiwajesus for keeping me warm at night and for making the conscious decision to love me daily. Sijui ningefanya nini ningekua single na hii baridi ya Kanairo 😂.”

Milly stated that she met Kabi through her then-boyfriend, who was also Kabi’s close friend.

“I met Kabi when I was in form two in high school. My then-boyfriend introduced us and we ended up going for two double dates with him and his then-girlfriend. I had a picture of the four of us that I took to school just to show off my gang,” said Milly.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly
Kabi WaJesus with Milly

The two parted ways but later reunited on FaceBook after Kabi gave his life to Christ. According to Kabi, the first time he lay his eyes on Milly, he knew his future wife would be like her as she was down to earth.

But Milly never saw herself settling down with Kabi.

“Let me tell you guys, I never thought the father of my children would be Kabi. He keeps saying I wanted him from the word go, but it’s a lie. Because I saw you and I was like uuhhh, huyu kijana he looks very rugged, and then you had that hair….you had put chemical, I was like this is high maintenance maneno’s. Alikuwa ameweka mpaka edges.”

Kabi WaJesus holding his wife
Kabi WaJesus holding his wife

Milly continued to explain that she felt Kabi was really slow. Kabi interjected to clarify that it was due to the drugs he was before.

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