Kabi Wajesus and Milly posing together

Kabi and Milly Wajesus finally unveil son’s face (photos)

Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus are probably Kenya’s most popular Youtube couple. The pairing have a well-followed page on the video-sharing platform where they showcase their lives.

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The Wa Jesus family was blessed with a baby boy in October last year and had kept his face hidden since then but have decided to show off their son’s face.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus baby face revealed
Milly and Kabi Wajesus baby face revealed

And where best but on their Youtube page, which they did yesterday, showing for the first time the face of Reign Taji Kabi alias Taji wa Jesus. The video garnered nearly 200k views!

“We are excited about this. People kept asking, ‘Why did you keep the boy from us?’ And we felt like you know, most of our life is online, and you guys get to share with us everything. So we felt like this (not revealing the baby) is something we needed to keep for ourselves, selfish kimpango,” said Kabi.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus baby face revealed

Milly revealed that the unveiling had nothing to do with public pressure.

“It is not out of pressure, we just felt it is the right time. It’s only that we have never really come to terms with the fact that he is going to join the online family. One of the reasons we want him to be part of this online family is because I know most of you joined us when we were pregnant and, at some point, probably felt like we left you hanging,” she said.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus baby face revealed

Kabi added: “We felt like can we just get to know this boy for a few months. We were initially like we do one month. The second month we were like he is so cute let’s keep him to ourselves, and then the third and the fourth.”

The couple said that their boy is a bundle of joy who is always smiling. Watch the unveiling video below;

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