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Jux was wasting your time! Fans tell Vanessa Mdee after Rotimi proposes

African beauty Vanessa Mdee is off the market fellas.

Her American bae Rotimi proposed to the singer and she was glowing in a video shared below on her fan page.

The two are in Haiti on holiday and the moment recorded for their fans worldwide to see and celebrate with them.

In the video below, Vanessa shows off the stunning engagement ring while eating dessert decorated congratulations.


An excited Vanessa in a separate video jumps up with joy as Rotimi looks lovingly at her. She leans in to hug him and the moment makes her cry.

Meanwhile fans are in the comment section saying Rotimi is the perfect choice as former Boyfriend Juma Jux wasted her time.

Why y’all can’t leave Jux out of it? Anyho congratulations to the couple.

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