June Wanza,woman who died after a botched breast enlargement surgery

Revealed! How June Wanza died after botched breast enlargement surgery

June Wanza the woman who died after a botched breast enhancement procedure may have been handled incorrectly at the Nairobi Hospital.

Wanza rushed to the hospital after developing complications following the enhancement at a clinic in Hurlingham. She died on June 5.

Three Nairobi Hospital doctors have accused a colleague of puncturing Wanza’s jugular vein.

Plastic surgeon Stanley Khainga says after the neck veins were severed, a gush of blood streamed into her lungs and stomach.

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Jude Wanza lost her life after developing complications after a botched breast surgery
Jude Wanza lost her life after developing complications after a botched breast surgery

She suffered hypovolemic shock, cardiac arrest and died, he said. Hypovolemic occurs when the body losses more than 20 per cent of the blood or fluid supply.

The loss makes it impossible for the heart to pump sufficient blood to the body. Organ failure kicks in.

Khainga’s explanation is contained in an affidavit filed in court on Monday. The doctors want to stop the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board from probing Wanza’s death.


The petition has been supported by trainee plastic surgeon Martin Ajujo and anaesthesiologist Evans Cherono. The two took part in the initial breast enhancement at Surgeoderm Healthcare Clinic in Kilimani. Khainga’s claim is supported by results of the post-mortem performed by Daniel Zuriel.

The three doctors say they are apprehensive they will be blamed for Wanza’s death yet

“it is Dr Reuben Okioma who injured the neck vessels of the patient, causing the injuries that led to her death.” 

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The board has not yet requested Okioma to record a statement.

“All indications are that we’ll be blamed because Okioma and the Nairobi Hospital have been exempted from investigations, despite Wanza dying in their hands.”

June Wanza
June Wanza

Wanza, 33, underwent breast enlargement at Surgeoderm which is owned by Khainga in June. She developed discomfort and sought further treatment at Nairobi Hospital where she died.

The patient file that Nairobi Hospital forwarded to the KMPDB indicated she was received in a stable condition.

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