Rich Kid Gang: Juma Jux makes Diamond Platnumz look like a pauper


When you look at Juma Jux on social media, do you wonder how he seems to have such a lavish lifestyle but you can’t quite see where it comes from?

Well that’s because his parents are stinking wealthy and spoil him rotten.

Juma Jux rich

Juma Jux is known for flaunting his opulent lifestyle to over 5.1 million Instagram followers with posts of him in luxury cars, private jets, and designer clothes, globe-trotting everywhere.

His BFF Maina spilt his secret saying

‘Juma Jux is the only boy in one of the richest families in Tanzania. His parents are so wealthy, that he makes Diamond Platnumz look like a pauper. He is so spoilt and his parents give him everything he wants. Aki si I envy his life, I’m so jealous.’

Juma Jux walk in closet

Other rich kids who document their lives of luxury and decadence online, showing the world the incredible riches they get to wake up to every  include Alvin Kabogo, Anerlisa Muigai, Saumi Mbuvi among others.

These kids have money to burn and we their target audience are left envious at just how fabulous their lives are.


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