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Juma Jux dedicates song to pregnant Vanessa Mdee


When Vanessa Mdee announced on Tuesday that she is pregnant, fans were elated for the Tanzanian beauty.

On the other hand trolls went mercilessly after her ex Juma Jux telling him how he wasted her time and to see how she is thriving with fiancé Rotimi.

Angry Tanzanians called for his arrest for not impregnating her when they were a couple.

A day after the announcement, Jux released a song dedicated to Vanessa.

Lyrics in the song go that he has noticed how they post each other on Instagram loving each other. He also notes that he knows their relationship is over.

Naona wameremeta Ngozi imenawili, una furaha now Kitanda hakina siri Zao la tendo, una kitumbo wow Mnapendezana Penzi liko kasi kasi Mkipostiana Instagram status

He extended an olive branch writing that

“Tuliagizwa upendo!

Hata kama mambo hayakwenda kama ambavyo mlipanga, hauna sababu ya kumchukia wala kumuombea mtu yoyote mabaya. Zaidi kwenye jambo jema lenye baraka

Ukielewa kuwa sio mara zote kitu kizuri kinadumu, hakuna changamoto yoyote itakayokusumbua.”

Let’s enjoy some good music, #sinaneno link on my bio.

A sympathetic fan Munyasia Brenda comforted him:

I fell jux’s pain,my power couple…I can’t believe it all ended and now you have to live with it Jux,sometimes what we want we cannot get them but we continue to love and wish them the best, God has ordained someone who will fill Vanessa’s gap…it’s not easy

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