Juma Jux and Huddah release steamy video

Award-winning Tanzania star, Juma Jux and Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, have released a steamy video just weeks after the two denied dating.

Huddah is the video vixen to Jux’s new song ‘Simuachi’ meaning I will not leave her.

The song is a declaration towards a woman Jux loves. In the video, the duo is seen getting all cozy with the celebrated Kenyan socialite.

Jux has been rumored to be dating Huddah, something he has continuously denied.

In a recent interview, Jux said hanging out with Huddah doesn’t mean that they were dating.

They were pictured together and at one point, Monroe was also seen wearing his favorite jacket.

Jux now says that his label is very popular and maybe she bought it to promote his brand.

‘I am in a relationship and I know Huddah is dating. So the question of the two of us dating does not arise.

But I will answer this question some more another day. Anything can happen. Who told you I met her in South Africa?’

Despite the interviwers persistence, Jux still denied dating Huddah.

Ati a video showing her wearing my coat? Anyone can buy such a coat. She is my friend and the two of us have met many times inaweza kuwa sio South Africa, kwa nini South Africa?”

Jux says he treats Huddah like he treats all his female friends.

“She is my friend just like others are my friends. If I was spotted with her or met her then it’s nothing extraordinary.

We exchange business ideas, nothing else. If I meet her it’s like meeting my other friends.”

So fond of Huddah is Juma Jux that he has a car named after the socialite. The car is a sleek white 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG.

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