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We’ve been together for over 20 years-Julie Gichuru gives tips for a successful marriage

Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony have been the model of what a successful relationship can be.

The two have together for 20 years and been married for close to 16 years.

My son laughed at my threat to discipline him with a belt-Julie Gichuru writes

In a time and age when many marriages break down and the institution looks like it is under siege, the two have shown that it can and should work.

Julie Gichuru with Anthony Gichuru
Julie Gichuru with Anthony Gichuru

For those wondering how she did it, Julie isn’t one to keep such juicy and helpful details to herself. She has some tips that she shared on her social media page.

“Here are a few words of advice from a couple of OGs, together for over 20 years now. Always be best friends, have fun & laugh together, it is the best medicine. Do not take each other for granted ever; always appreciate each other,” wrote Julie.

Julie Gichuru in pink
Julie Gichuru in pink

Then added, “Support & grow each other, seek to add value to each other in all ways. Talk through differences but make it clear they will never supersede the respect, regard & love you have for each other.”

“Centre your lives around God, let the lord be the foundation of your home. Wishing you a lifetime of partnership, happiness and fulfillment, Julie & Tony,” she went on.

Julie Gichuru seating
Julie Gichuru seating

During their 16th marriage anniversary, Julie stressed that for a marriage to work love is mandatory.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person,” she wrote. Julie has been on a role this dropping gems upon gems of relationship advice one might even call her the love doctor.

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