Julie Gichuru Celebrates Turning A Year Older

Julie Gichuru has been an admired public figure for years. She is a darling to many and she has proven to be a woman of steel over the years to a point she quit TV to start her own PR firm.

But one thing that amazes many is how she never ages. I mean, Julie looks like she’s 18 over and over again. Talk of good genes.


Every time she shares her throwback photos, she leaves many with their mouths wide open because she looks just the same. The best thing about her is that she lives a simple life and many people admire and love her for that. For those who’ve met or worked with Julie will bear me witness that she has the kindest heart and she’s the true definition of a sweetheart.

Well, Julie has turned a year older and she still looks the same as when she was 25. She also took to social media to jot down a message, thanking God for the far he’s brought her.


Thank you FATHER,
For your LOVE & GRACE,
For every gift & blessing,
For family,
For friends,
For goodness & mercy.
Thank you LORD,
For every single breath.
For every den of lions,
For every fiery furnace,
For You are always by my side,
My rod & my staff.
Thank you my GOD for 44 years of me,
For it is not promised, thank you.
And thank you LORD for you 💙

Your loving daughter & servant,

Soaring Eagle,” she wrote.

Happy Birthday Julie. To many more.

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