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Why Julie Gichuru abandoned her dream to become a theatre actress

Media personality Julie Gichuru says that her dream was to become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director.

In an Instagram post, Julie said that her career path did not look promising enough to secure her a comfortable future since the theatre industry in the 1980s had not developed enough.

“I could have done anything I wanted with my life. I would have become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director. Not film, not TV, but it was not a viable path to a stable livelihood and independence – that was important to me, so I opted to study law, and went on to get an MBA.”

She acknowledged that the world has changed, and now young people have the opportunity to explore uncharted careers and encouraged them to be bold and courageous.

‘It is a different world now. Young people have many challenges but also have more opportunity to explore unchartered territory. So, explore. With courage and boldness explore the unseen and the unappreciated.

And perhaps for OGs like me… it’s never too late… 😜😄.’

Julie Gichuru in pink
Julie Gichuru in pink

Julie is one of the many media celebrities who landed in the media industry despite pursuing different courses in the university.

Actor Ken Ambani responded to her post saying;

I had a feeling you went through this theater🔥🔥 and true it wasn’t/isn’t viable path to a stable livelihood and independence… Only if the authorities would listen and restructure the relevant ministry and government departments to facilitate necessary policies for practitioners to enjoy and earn from the trade. It’s getting there but can be better.’

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