Juliani records statement after being threatened

Rapper Juliani revealed to tweeps that he was being threatened. In a twitter statement, the rapper wrote;

¬†“How now can you “iba mtu”?! An intelligent adult with a sound mind. The call/text threat on my life today,NOT funny! “ulinyang’anyana” narrative is false,tired,juicy headlines tu. Kindly STOP! “
“For the threats,usi aim face,na prefer niki smile kwa open casket. Baraka.”
Well, the Kilimani OCPD Muturi Mbogo, has confiremd that Juliani has recorded statement.
Activist Boniface Mwangi also took to Twitter to say that the rapper had been threatened over his newly found lve with Lillian Nga’anga.
“My very good friend @JulianiKenya was threatened yesterday. Someone called him and texted using 0773912088. He told him to stop posting pics posed with his friend @LillyanneNganga¬† and if he continues, they will kill him. He has recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police Station.”
Lillian was in a relationship with Governor Dr Alfred Mutua. The two announced they had parted ways amicably adding that she had dropped the Machakos first lady title.

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