Juliani’s example for dealing with an ex that Maureen and Frankie should learn

Musician Julius Owino aka Juliani might not be the most recognisable celeb in Kenya but that doesn’t mean his music hasn’t had a big impact on audiences.

Not only that but the man also made one of the best celebrity relationships back in the day with his liaison with Brenda Wairimu that produced a bouncing baby girl.

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The two aren’t together anymore with Brenda rumored to have moved with a famous Instagrammer. But even though the two have a great relationship as co-parents, there are some who still want to pit them against each other.

One particular fan of Juliani on Twitter claimed that Juliani’s standards had gone down and said that the reason for that was Brenda Wairimu. “Juliani was dope before kupatana na brenda wairimu”.

That incendiary statement could have been met with silence or a like from him but he took the high road and defended his baby mama, saying, “Achana na Msichana wa wenyewe. Hakuna kitu ashawai fanya mbaya. If anything alinipa the best gift ever the most amazing baby Girl,” reads Juliani’s response.

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Juliani and Brenda have a daughter named Amor Owino and have agreed on a co-parenting arrangement that works for them.

And how does this apply to Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu?

The two can learn how to treat each other in the public from how Juliani did in his response. The man kept it classy and avoided giving the media something to feed off of because at the end of the day he knows that he will always share a bond with Brenda-their daughter.

This is unlike Frankie and Maureen who made headlines last year after they disparaged each other in the public despite being co-parents to two lovely kids.

They took every opportunity to diss each other giving someone like me a lot of content, something I am not complaining about. But I believe it was the worst thing they could do-they have young kids and they will have to deal with each other for the foreseeable future.

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