Amber Ray with Jamal

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

The battle for wealthy man Jamal Rohosafi seems to be getting out of hand, as his two wives Amira and Amber Ray, have taken their war into the public sphere.

And how has the beef escalated so badly? It seems that the online battle spiraled after Jamal refused to intervene forcing his two wives to go at each other online.

The savage war of words has spilt over this week with Amber denying that she was a homewrecker who used juju on Jamal.

”Alafu watu waache kuekelea shetani please ati oh ni juju… Watu wajue kuoga!! Mimi sijawai ona mtu amerogwa na bado anashughulikia family zake… Tena si ramadan ilikuwa juzi tu. Ama hamjui kuomba? Kazi ni kukuja kutafuta sympathy votes social media.”

Jamal himself said a few months ago that he had informed his first wife Amira that he loved Amber, although she would later refute those claims saying that she found out only on social media.

And Amber wasn’t done going hard at Amira, allegng that the first wife had abandoned Jamal (and their sons) and gone to Dubai leaving him to struggle by himself.

“Mtu unaenda kuhustle majuu for 5 years na bado unarudi kenya bila kakitu 🤣🤣🤣surely ata kijiko? Alafu useme mimi ndio sina akili,” she wrote.

But Amira quickly responded to the unfounded claims with images showing herself with Jamal while in Dubai. Amber also disclosed that Amira has been enjoying threatening Jamal with asking for a divorce.

“Ati oh mara ‘nataka talaka’ (Divorce) just ndio you get attention! Nonsense! Watu watafute kazi Jameni,” the socialite wrote.

And that isn’t all that she wrote concerning Amira, the rest of it was so salacious that I can’t even put it online.

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