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Judiciary’s “Cheap” Car Auction Turns Out To Be A Myth

Kenyans were abuzz this week after an auction of vehicles from as low as Ksh 25,000 was announced. Truly, how gullible could we be?

Friday marked the D-day for the judiciary to sell away its top-of-the-range vehicles following years long search for an auction firm. Hundreds of Kenyans showed up at the Judiciary’s car park as early as 6am to get themselves “cheap cars” as visibly seen from the notice of the said auction which indicated the prices ranging between Sh 25,000 to Sh 455,000.

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The 40 vehicles which are all fitted with GK number plates included Mercedes Benz, Peugeot 406s, Peugeot 504s, a Nissan X-Trail and a Land Rover 110 among others.

The auction proved to be a huge disappointment to some as the said prices were greatly increased, with the cheapest car going for Ksh 110,000.

The highest auctioned vehicle was a Toyota Land Cruiser that was sold at 2 million shillings and a Mercedes Benz, which was bought for 1.7 million shillings. The only Nissan- X-Trail went away at Sh 410,000 from the initial Sh 200,000.

Bidders were required to pay a non-refundable fee of Sh 1,000 for a catalogue of the vehicles before Friday.

They were also required to pay a refundable cash deposit of Sh 10,000 to obtain a bidding number, which served as an entry pass to the auction, the Judiciary’s parking yard.

As the auction went on, those who turned out expressed discontent owing to the fact that the prices went higher than their expectations.

According to Judiciary’s Head of Public Communication Naim Bilal, the vehicles had been properly valued and the prices had considered the fact that their value had depreciated with time spent in the parking yard.

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