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Joyce Omondi Finds Her Long Lost Twin And Their Resemblance Is Scary (Photos)

Citizen TV Waihiga Mwaura’s wife, Joyce Omondi is such a sweetheart, there’s no doubt about that. She has managed to win the hearts of many Kenyans with her sweet smile, clean heart and admirable personality.


She’s never involved in controversies and scandals, she rather prefers to keep a low profile unlike many celebrities who prefer to parade their entire shenanigans on social media.

This Is What Joyce Omondi Said About Her Hubby’s Parents That Left People’s Blood Boiling

About a month or so ago, a Kenyan blogger based in the  U.S made a surprise visit to Kenya. Tabitha (Craving Yellow) is a naturalista and she is admired for her hair tectonics and her easy but sophisticated lifestyle.


She even held a meet and greet, which saw all naturalistas attend just to get the chance to hang with the blogger.

But one thing everyone noticed is that Tabitha and Joyce Omondi look so much a like, we can as well just say they are twins. They have a striking resemblance, from hair, to their smile, to their skin complexion.


Many ladies suggested the two should meet up in person, and they sure did. Looking at them together, made the situation even worse. They looked like two minions who’ve found each other after the longest search of the century.

Check out these beautiful photos of the two;





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