Jacque Maribe with Jowie Irungu

Jowie lied about our breakup – Jacque Maribe slams ex fiancé

Murder suspect Jowie Irungi is back in the news, and it all has to do with former fiancée Jacque Maribe, who in an interview disputed details of when they broke up.

I don’t care about him! Jacque Maribe’s response about Jowie is completely justified

“The matter is still in court but there are some things I can talk about”

An one of these things is the little detail of just when they broke up, was it during the trial or before?

“For many women there is always that man you meet then things go south” she painfully began recounting her love journey with Jowie in 2018.

“This man was that person for me, the one that you feel like if i ever had regrets this is it, if regrets was a person this is it, i dont like to speak about him coz people are gonna say oh your bitter, I just don’t talk about him out of respect for him moving on. I  want to correct the fact that he said we broke up when we were in prison, we had broken up before prison, he is not someone would like to mudsling, and I will talk about it wholey when the case is over. I have heard so many stories about our breakup, but we will talk later”

Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe
Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe

She also spoke about meeting him for the first time and instantly liking him

“He was very nice. I will never come out and say anything contrary to that, and I think it’s important to know someone, I knew him for a year, at the time, I felt I knew him and I thought at the time we were ready and he never pressured me. and without getting into details because of the gag order everything was going well in my career path, until one day when time stood still”

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