The murder suspect in court

Jowie Irungu’s father to sell parcel of land for son’s release

Jowie Irungu might have been granted his heart’s deepest desires when the court granted him bail and bond terms that would get him released if he fulfilled them.

But getting the money to pay for his Sh.2 million bail has become a mountain too much for the former fiance of Jacque Maribe, as his friends and family have not been able to raise the funds.

Jowie Irungu speaking with Jacque Maribe's father in court
Jowie Irungu speaking with Jacque Maribe’s father in court

Jowie who was arrested in September 2018 over the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani was granted bail on Thursday, February 13, after spending over 18 months in jail.

‘Long Overdue’ Itumbi tells Jowie Irungu after release on bail

Immediately after he was granted bail, his friends and family launched an online fundraising initiative to raise the money but it wasn’t to be.

The murder suspect in court
The murder suspect in court

Jowie’s sister, Nelius Irungu, told K24 TV, “We have raised KSh80, 000 so far through the funds-collection initiative. A good part of that money, was raised by Joseph’s friends. Most sent at least KSh100 or KSh200,” said Jowie’s sister.

She added;

“I urge Kenyans to share with us any amount of money, and we guarantee transparency on how the funds will be used. We are not out to con anyone; we are just pleading for assistance,” added Nelius. She further disclosed the family was considering to sell a parcel of land to raise money for the bail. “Our dad has a parcel of land that can be sold to raise some money which will go towards securing my brother’s freedom. We are waiting for land valuers to tell us how much the land can fetch. We could use that land as part of Joseph’s bond,” she said.

Jowie Irungu in prison
Jowie Irungu in prison

Irungu had been charged alongside his former girlfriend and journalist Jacque Maribe and his earlier efforts to get bail were futile because he was considered a flight risk and had no permanent residence or gainful employment besides being a threat to key witnesses.

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