Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past

Your days are numbered! Jowie’s “ex-wife” Micabelella warns so-called friends

Eleanor Musangi, the ex-lover of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie became an online sensation last year after her shocking revelation that she had gotten married to the murder suspect.

It later on turned out that she had lied about her marriage in order to help Jowie get bail. At the time, most people were shocked that she had gone to such lengths to help Jowie, a man who is still a prime suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder.

Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past
Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past

In a post shared on Edgar Obare’s Insta stories, Eleanor narrated that her relationship with Jowie was over adding that they made up the stories of them meeting through “divine intervention” and their marriage was all a lie.

Why would a beautiful model like Micabel Ella lie and perjure herself for a man like Jowie Irungu?

With the murder trial coming up, people close to Eleanor are asking her what the implications of her revelations are considering that she lied to the court.

And it seems that the model is still facing the fall-out of her relationship with Jowie, something that she had predicted when she revealed that she lied.

In her cryptic post, the mother of one seems to be targeting disloyal friends. “Snakes, don’t hiss anymore.. they call you love, babe, sis bro.”

In another post, she further added,

“These so-called “friends ” in my life all you know to do is ask for my financial support or if I have any employment opportunities or update me on whatever gossip that goes around about me or once I become national headlines your quick to ask me stupid questions, I have marked you and your days are numbered I will embarrass you to my face and the world..come to me again like that. Ella, you are this…Ella you are that. come … I am waiting.”

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