Jovial finally speaks after being trolled for dancing with Rashid Abdalla

Mombasa-based artiste Jovial has spoken after a video went viral of her being blocked by Lulu Hassan while dancing with Rashid Abdalla.

She had been contracted by Lulu to perform during Rashid’s 40th birthday party which the TV Host had planned to surprise her husband.

Jovial says most women attacking her are just bitter and insecure. She goes on to add that most of her trolls were just waiting for a chance to vent out their frustrations.

Lulu Hassan took to her social media to thank Jovial for bringing in her A-game to the party.

To prove there is no bad blood between them, Lulu even asked Kenyans to book Jovial for events.

“I can’t thank you enough @jovial_ke. You are destined for greatness, apart from being your bosses we are your number one fans 💃💃💃💃. Keep on flying our flag high ….We love you dadaa….Keep on keeping on….❤❤❤❤❤❤.For bookings follow @jovial_ke hautajutia.”

In the video that has been trending Jovial was on stage performing her song ‘Amor.’

It reaches a point where she starts dancing sensually toward Rashid.

Out of the blue, Lulu comes in and dances with her man, looking like she was protecting her man from Jovial’s ‘advances’.

When the video went viral many criticised Jovial stating that she was trying to ‘seduce’ Rashid with her moves.

Others congratulated Lulu Hassan for allegedly protecting what is hers.

But by the look of things, it was all planned, and we all fell for it like the fools we are. What we all can agree with is that Jovial got the moves.

While we are busy hating Jovial is laughing all the way to the bank.


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