Larry Madowo

Being on Twitter is pointless! Larry Madowo divides netizens

Larry Madowo has been studying abroad for the past one year. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still engage his Kenyan fans on the regular who might see him on the street when he was still in the +254.

He engages with the fans on his social media pages preferably Twitter and Instagram where the former NTV news anchor has a combined 2.8 million followers.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Yesterday, Larry struck a nerve with his latest post on Twitter where he noted that being on Twitter might have been a pointless exercise.

Madowo, who has been on Twitter for 11 years, rubbished the socializing platform in a post he shared saying, “11 years and 1.8 million followers later, I am now more convinced than ever that Twitter is probably pointless. I’ve wasted my life. What are we doing here?” he said.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

The message sparked a huge furor online with some agreeing with him while others went counter to his argument. Some of the best comments are below:

#QueenLindah CrownFlag of Kenya We know You love it here Larry…Wasted your life? Maajabu

Brian Nyakundi yaani umechoka aje, just 2 followers ufike 2M.

ShepuuTongue rudi shule

May baby Eish… Relax

ShepuuTongue Waiting for you to trend

Buldozzer Just to substanciate your statement kindly delete/deactivate your account

Paul Kaweru™ 9 years and 3,500 followers later. I agree. It is totally pointless. I’ve also wasted my life. Nitajinyonga.

Larry Madowo in New York
Larry Madowo in New York

Red heartNJAMBIRose Niuzie account nikuwe influencer

Rono Shamron Turn the followers into money! Think Larry think

ENOCK BETT Hi Larry, I’m Enock from Twitter Support. Can we delete your account?

Charles Njeru Kigoro An imposter, go drying

OParPart alternation mark Someone said this is a community without purpose

J.O.S.A.Y.A I have 280 followers after 9yrs what are you complaining about?

SaNeCollision symbol People who follow you on twitter actually want to listen to what you are saying unlike other platforms where people just want to judge your lifestyle.

Mwenda kirema This makes twitter unique.And unlike.fb has of late become a village gathering,gossips tupu.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

While Larry might have his reasons for calling Twitter pointless, many people the world over use the social site as their go-to source for news and entertainment. American President, Donald Trump heavily uses the site to promote his agenda, with the site also having the power to form and guide discussion and opinion.

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