Jose Chameleone supports Eric Omondi in music industry debate

Jose Chameleone has shown his support to Eric Omondi after the comedian stirred a music industry debate asking Kenyan creatives to wake up.
The comedian sent a message on Instagram describing how the ‘Tubonge’ hitmaker refused to perform at a Ugandan event where Nigerian star Wizkid was headlining;
“In 2017 Jose Chameleon refused to perform in a Heavily Advertised Concert in Kampala after a Billboard in Kampala City had a HUGE Wizkid Image and a Tiny Image of Chameleon beside Wizkid. It’s called Subliminal Messaging!!!” wrote Omondi

“Such attitude is very demeaning and disrespectful towards the players who keep the industry flourishing to be placed as underdogs before their own.

I can guarantee to you such a manner happens only in this region where the host artists are only used as bait to submit their fans.

If you are drawn as small on an advertisement that to me means you are better off staying home or in-studio to do your work than being misused.

Well, I hope your message reaches out to the concerned. It’s such a pity that greedy fellas are rooted in our darling industry without passion. Bless you, bro.”

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This debate came after comedian Eric Omondi termed the Kenyan entertainment industry as dead. His sentiments have received reactions from artists among them Femi One, Jua Cali, Bien, Savara among others.

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