Chameleone posing with his lastborn daughter

Excitement as Jose Chameleone carries last-born daughter on his back (photo)

Jose Chameleone is one veteran Ugandan musicians that has consistently churned out hit song after hit song. The man whose real names are Joseph Mayanja is also known to be a great family man and a loving husband.

Chameleon wedding day
Chameleon’s wedding day 11 years ago

He was recently spotted carrying his last-born daughter on his back while on the streets of Minnesota. The thing that caught many people’s eyes was the way he did it; not in front with his hands but on his back as has been captured poetically many times by African women.

Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back
Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back

His tongue-in-cheek caption read;

It’s you to instill the values you expect out of your children. When they are born they are empty as a new flash drive, it’s you to load the data.

‘I want to remarry you love’ Jose Chameleone declares to wife on 10th marriage anniversary

The image was met with excitement from many of his Instagram followers who were amazed that he was confiednt enough to carry the child on his back. Some of the comments are below;

leilakayondo Best pic so far. Last month to this month 😍❤️
chimoga254 Well said brother 🇺🇬🇺🇬💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥
kennethsargent Now that’s the kinda shit y’all should be posting. That’s what I call real man! But some dumb asses think that taking care of children is woman only.

Chameleone in black and white
The artiste posing

The star has a history of going all out for the four kids that he and wife Daniella Atim Mayanja have been blessed with. Closer to home, Kivutha Kibwana the Makueni Governor posted a photo on his Facebook timeline on Saturday, June 16, 2018, carrying a young girl on his back.


Kibwana who had in the past moved hearts of many Kenyans with rare acts of humility for a man of his stature said it was all in the celebration of the Day of the African Child marked every June 16.

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