Jose Chameleon To Celebrate His Birthday In A Big Way! Find Out If Maina Kageni Will Attend His Party

Veteran Ugandan artist, Jose Chameleon is one of the most celebrated singers in East Africa, with his music cutting across the African continent and even Classic 105 Presenter Maina Kageni is a die hard fan.

The ‘Valu Valu’ singer is set to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, April 30th and he’s doing it in a big way! Wait for this!

Jose Chameleon, real name, Joseph Mayanja is known to be fond of Rwanda and even released a song in Rwandese dubbed Kinyarwanda like ‘Ndamukunda Cyane’ literally meaning ‘I love her/him very much’.

Well, the Leon Island CEO has revealed that he is going to hold his birthday celebration in Kigali, Rwanda, where he will also debuts his new song, Agatako and it’s clear that his love affair with Rwanda is on another level.

Jose Chameleon will be turning 37 years and we can’t wait to hear his new song as he entertains Rwandese fans. Will Maina Kageni attend the birthday party of his favorite East African musician?  We can only wait and see.



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